Read the opencare deliverables

On this page you can read all the deliverables issued during the course of the opencare project. To get to know more of the project’s implementation, please read our proposal

List of partners

University of Bordeaux, France (UBx) - coordinator

Edgeryders, UK

The SCImPULSE Foundation, the Netherlands (SCImPULSE)

WeMake, Italy

Institute for Economic and Business History Research - Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden (EHFF)

Comune di Milano, Italy

WP structure

WP Title  
WP1 Learn, engage, disseminate  
WP2 Convene, nurture, drive and monitor a large-scale online conversation on care  
WP3 Prototype community-driven care services  
WP4 Design and evaluation of community-based health/social policies at scale  
WP5 Data processing for aggregating collective intelligence processes  
WP6 Lead, govern and manage the project  
WP7 Ethics(not included to the proposal)  

List of deliverables

WP Lead Title Status
WP2 Edgeryders Deployed, tested OpenCare online space on the production server Submitted
WP6 SCImPULSE Consent funnel Submitted
WP1 SCImPULSE Open call text Submitted
WP7 UBx Ethics requirements 1 Submitted
WP7 UBx Ethics requirements 2 Submitted
WP7 UBx Ethics requirements 3 Submitted
WP7 UBx Ethics requirements 4 Submitted
WP7 UBx Ethics requirements 5 Submitted
WP1 SCImPULSE Deep games agendas and intended audiences Submitted
WP3 WeMake Co-designing care services: a practical guide Submitted
WP4 EHFF Review of literature of collective intelligence in care services Submitted
WP4 EHFF Survey design Submitted
WP1 UBx Hackathon documentation Submitted
WP1 Edgeryders Collection of textual and visual documentation from onboarding workshops Submitted
WP2 Edgeryders 20 high-quality posts Submitted
WP1 UBx Hackathon material, workshop venue and workshop post-proceeedings Submitted
WP2 Edgeryders Draft report on engaging open networks in meaningful online conversations Submitted
WP5 UBx Toolbox for developing network-based software for collective intelligence Submitted
WP5 UBx White papers: user task and requirements; data abstractions and operations requirements Submitted
WP6 SCImPULSE Ethics interim evaluation and guidance report Submitted
WP5 UBx Implementation and integration of the semi-automated aid to ethnographic coding prototype into the OpenCare platform Pending
WP4 SCImPULSE Community-driven care:a draft Pending
WP1 SCImPULSE Peer-auditing of the project and indication on how to work around failures and pitfalls Pending
WP3 WeMake Full documentation of prototypes Pending
WP5 UBx Implementation and integration of SSNA software prototypes into a dashboard environment, incorporating the research on semantic networks Pending
WP2 Edgeryders Final report on engaging open networks in meaningful online conversations Pending
WP4 EHFF Research paper - integrating community-driven care services in European welfare system Pending
WP4 SCImPULSE Research paper - Accountability and ownership in community-led welfare innovation: its potential role in EU policies Pending
WP2 Edgeryders Ethnographic report Pending
WP1 Edgeryders Documentation from final international event Pending
WP1 SCImPULSE Deep games documentation Pending
WP4 Edgeryders Research paper: Using collective intelligence to improve care - an empirical study on best practice in the care sector Pending
WP4 EHFF Research paper: Integrating community-driven care services in European welfare states Pending
WP6 SCImPULSE Final ethics report Pending