opencare s a 1.6M€ project, funded within the Horizon 2020 framework programme for Research and Innovation.

This project brings a diverse community together - citizens with expert knowledge on health care, social care, service design, digital fabrication, collective intelligence and public policy evaluation.

opencare relies collective intelligence (online and offline) to design, prototype and evaluate care services by communities, for communities.

We work to rethink care provision, and provide solutions to shift from a top-down to a bottom-up policy.

Using up-to-date technology for network analysis, we foster citizen participation and empowerment through online platforms. Local activities also contribute to bring forward citizen incentives, which will further be prototyped and serve as a common thread for local policy-making.


  • Contributing towards care provision reform. opencare aims at studying on what constitutes best practice in the field of community based collective intelligence projects in the field of care provision, and on how these solutions might be integrated in national social and health care systems.

  • Carrying out these activities, we expect to yield a ground-breaking contribution to the European care policy debate. In other terms: enable new technological affordances and hacker culture to make a constructive contribution to public policy.

  • The opencare consortium will develop a software stack to monitor and assist collective intelligence social dynamics in online communities. Most of the conversation around care in the project indeed happens online and we expect it to be large, diverse, and rich. We develop software to help the community make sense by identifying points of consensus and controversy, summarizing, and structuring arguments.

In few keywords

Digital Social Innovation, Social Welfare, Social Network Analysis, Open Source Software,

Open Hardware, Open Design, Public Policies, Online Communities, Collective Intelligence, Participatory Innovation, Knowledge co-creation networks, Collective Awareness Platforms